About Gendelman Klimas Ltd

Who We Are

Gendelman Klimas Ltd. was founded on the premise that everyone deserves for their story to be heard. We are dedicated to providing high quality, affordable, and pragmatic legal representation. Gendelman Klimas operates on three core values:


Being trustworthy and accountable allows us to provide high-quality and pragmatic legal representation.


Our clients are empowered to understand how we are serving them every step of the way.


We are members of the community, working to serve and advance its interests

Meet Our Team

Laurence I. Gendelman, Esq.

Laurence was trained in a large family law firm, where he gained experience working with high-asset and high-conflict divorces and child custody issues. He also had the opportunity to advocate for and advise clients regarding the division of complex financial assets including executive compensation packages and benefits.


Zaharah Hakim

Zaharah is a Legal Assistant with Gendelman Law Group. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Washington State University. Prior to moving to Colorado, she worked at a general practice law firm in Washington State focusing primarily on criminal law, employment law, and estate planning.


Nick Klimas, Esq.

Retaining Nick is not a transaction, but truly a customized service as he aims to assist his clients in every facet of their lives, not just their immediate legal needs. Whether it is advising a family through the Denver probate process or formalizing a Revocable Trust for avoiding of probate, Nick exceeds what is expected of him to deliver top class service to his clients and their families in their time of need. 


Nicola A. Winter, Esq.

Nicola began her career in family law at a large family law firm, where she was trained in handling high-asset and complex domestic relations cases. Nicola now contributes her negotiation, trial, and analytical skills and experience to Gendelman Law Group, where she brings compassion, understanding, and advocacy to her domestic relations practice.


Laura Roth

Laura is a Paralegal with Gendelman Law Group. Laura holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Minnesota- Minneapolis, in American Studies. Laura also holds a Certificate of Paralegal Studies from Colorado State University.


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