Becoming Parents As An LGBTQ Couple

Over the past two decades, the legal landscape of LGBTQ relationships has evolved. Now, LGBTQ individuals in Colorado can be married, enter into civil unions, get divorced, and be parents. When a same-sex couple is ready to become parents they are many avenues to consider.


In the state of Colorado LGBTQ individuals and couples can seek to adopt a child.  Same-sex couples may also petition to adopt their partner’s child or child of the relationship. In Colorado, your sexual orientation cannot be used by an adoption agency as a basis to deny you the ability to adopt a child.

There is many steps to this process and it is important to do research. Many attorneys are not aware of the current legal landscape and issues that LGBTQ clients may face in the process. It’s important to select an LGBTQ friendly lawyer that stays current with LGBTQ family law issues.

Becoming A Step-Parent

In 2007, Governor Ritter signed a bill into law that allows unmarried couples to adopt each other’s children. This law applies to same-sex couples as well.  Same-sex couples can jointly accept the legal rights of being a parent under a “second-parent” adoption.

All of these ways to start a family as an LGBTQ couple, creating strong units and bringing a child into a loving home.