Get Ready For Back To School!

It’s back to school! They can moan and groan all they want but school is starting soon and the routine sets in!  It’s important to start working on preparing your child(ren) for the school year. Here are a few tips to help you make that first day of school morning a breeze!

    • Set an alarm clock in their room. An old fashioned alarm clock so they can wake up at the same time everyday or every weekday.  Not necessarily to do anything but just to get used to waking up early and liking it.


      • A lot of kids have cell phones these days. Cell phones are not good alarm clocks. By having a cell phone double as an alarm clock, children will inevitably use their phone at night when they should be sleeping.


    • Find computer games/website/apps that are educational.  Swap out nights playing videos games with something that gets their minds going. Educational does not have to mean boring. They don’t even have to realize that it’s an educational game/app.




    • Reading.  Reading is always important to implement in their daily routine.  Set aside a time for them to read or for everyone to read. 30 minutes is fine. Just something. If you can all read as a family for 30 minutes a night- even better.




    • Extra curriculars.  Kids love to get their energy out!  Whether they are part of a league or just getting together with the kids in the neighborhood.




  • Set a bedtime.  Bedtimes are crucial for all the above to even be possible – in a good mood at least!  Sleep is so important for growing kids. So even though it’s summertime make sure they’re are getting enough sleep.


    We’re sad to see Summer go but we have a few more weeks to enjoy! Till next Summer!