Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is approaching and the kids are screaming – with excitement! We all love some thrills as the holiday season approaches but it’s important to remember that safety comes first when it comes to kids. If you’re planning on participating in some Trick-or-Treating this year, here are a few safety tips to remember:

Neighborhoods – Check out the neighborhoods that your kids will be trick-or-treating in. Most of the time they will be heavily populated and decorated. And of course, try to stick with a group and never leave the kids without adult supervision.

Be Respectful – Be respectful of those that do not celebrate Halloween. Some leave a note on their door and others just shut off the lights. Be courteous and just move on to the next house!

Treats – Check the candy before your kids dig in! Look for loose or open wrappers and feel for sharp objects and punctures. If alternate treats are provided, make sure the safety seal is not broken (ex. Toothpaste, water bottles, etc).

Baked Goods – Kindly ask for the ingredients in regards to any allergies your child may have.

Haunted Houses – If neighbors are opening their home for some spooky fun, walk through with your child. Ask the owner if the haunted house is appropriate if you have young kids. If you cannot find the owner of the home, ask the parents around or watch the reactions of the kids leaving.

Halloween is such a fun time for the children and families with a top priority of safety! Gendelman Law Group wishes everyone a fun and safe holiday!