My Parents Refuse To Make A Will

It’s not easy to plan for the inevitable but it is very important when it comes to your and your family’s assets.  If there is no estate plan in place, your family’s assets may not be distributed as they expected, and certainly not as they intend.

Whether you are helping you family with their estate plan, or simply trying to convince your parents that they should have a will, it is important to honor their wishes while they are facing the harsh reality of the inevitable.  Here are few tips to help you navigate:

    • Meet with a lawyer: Have someone there to explain the need for estate planning.  This will help ease the process and inform your loved ones with the facts.


    • Keep your emotions out of the equation: If you have many siblings or a large, blended family, try not to get wrapped up in who gets what. Be encouraging and respectful.


  • Privacy: Give your parent(s) privacy, so they can peacefully make their decisions. After all, their estate planning is their decision, and only their decision. If they are not able to leave the home, ask your lawyer if they are willing to make a house call. Most estate planning attorneys are familiar with this type of request.