Should You Find An Attorney On The Internet?

The internet is amazing and has the power to link people to finding great legal help. However, it has the power to link people to unqualified professionals, who are hired by clients just because they are good digital marketers. For this reason, here are our tips on what role the internet should play in your decision on what attorney to hire.

Nothing is as good as a referral. Getting a referral from a friend that has used a lawyer is always preferred. We trust our friends. We trust their advice. If they say someone is good, there is a higher chance that they are good when compared to the chance that a firm’s Google reviews are accurate.

Use the Internet to confirm qualifications. The internet is a great tool to check someone’s credentials. Once you have an attorney in mind, use the internet to get more information about them. Read reviews, check AVVO and other attorney-rating sites, and make sure that they are licensed by visiting the state bar association or licensing agency’s website. Be sure to see if the attorney has received disciplinary history from the applicable licensing agency.

If you choose to find an attorney with an internet search, here are some tips specific to the Google Search Engine.

    • Use quotations in your search so the result becomes an “exact search.”  For example, “family law attorney in Denver” 


    • Combine searches by using OR in the search bar.  For example, family law OR mediator in Denver. 


  • Excluding words from your search is also a great way to narrow down your results.  Using the – you can exclude words from your search result. For example, Family Law attorney – mediator.