Who Decides What Happens To My Social Media After I Die?

The answer is YOU! Managing your digital inheritance may be one of the last things you would be considering while sitting at a lawyers office reviewing your will.  As you scroll through social media while your supposed to be working, it may be worth asking yourself, “what happens to my social platform when I die?” Considering that most people visit at least one social platform daily, your avocado toast Instagram post from this morning could be the last, and the rant about traffic could be the last post your Facebook friends will see. These common day-to-day posts may not pose much of a threat, but leaving your account untouchable could make your legacy vulnerable to exploitation.

The Colorado Revised Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act (RFADAA), provides a mechanism to individuals to designate someone to control their social media accounts at their death through an “online tool.” Many social media platforms offer such a took, including Facebook.

Many may not care what happens to their social media accounts at death, but consider that your friends and family will care, and desire to access those memories in the future. If protecting your social media presence at death is important to you, consider finding as estate planning lawyer with expertise in digital asset issues.