Domestic Violence & Civil Protection Orders

Domestic Violence

Unfortunately, it is vital to address the fact that domestic violence occurs every day in our community. Maybe a neighbor, friend, family member, or even yourself who is suffering from abuse which can take on many forms such as emotional, physical, psychological, and financial abuse. It is often very difficult for victims of abuse to stand up for themselves and take actions to ensure they are protected. At Gendelman Klimas Edwards, we understand that as a victim of abuse, the road to your safety and freedom is not easy and that you shouldn’t have to go it alone. We also understand that some people may be defending against an unnecessary or over-broad protection order and need representation.

Ending Domestic Violence In Denver

It takes a tremendous amount of courage and services for a victim to remove themselves from an abusive situation. The attorneys of Gendelman Klimas Edwards are committed to ending domestic violence in Denver. For this reason and others, our divorce attorneys served as the Chair of Equity and Outreach for the Rose Andom Center’s Young Professionals Council. The Rose Andom Center has information and programs that can help victims of domestic violence and their families.

Civil Protection Orders

One way to protect yourself from abuse is to obtain a Civil Protection Order. There are several different kinds that serve a wide variety of purposes. A protective order will prevent an abuser from contacting, threatening, harassing, or stalking their victim. It may also limit the abuser’s contact with the victim’s family, friends, or even pets. Below are some common types of Civil Protection Orders.

Domestic Violence Protection Order

Domestic violence spans a wide range of behavior such as assault, causing physical harm, inflicting fear or bodily injury, sexual assault, or stalking. A Domestic Violence petition can be filed by someone who is a victim of abuse or fears violent actions by a family member or someone in the household. These relationships could include:

  • A married couple or domestic partners
  • People who have a mutual child
  • Adults who live together
  • People in or have been in a dating relationship
  • Adults related by blood or marriage
  • People with biological relations or a legal relationship such as step-parents, step-children, grandparents or grandchildren

Stalking Protection Order

Stalking conduct refers to a person who intentionally and repeatedly follows or harasses another person. The person being stalked may be in fear that the stalker intends on harming them or another person in some way. Cyberstalking also falls under this category. 

Sexual Assault Protection Order

Sexual Assault can be loosely defined as nonconsensual sexual acts or display of sexual actions forced upon another person. A petition can be filed by a victim of sexual assault to restrain their offender from being able to contact them.

At-Risk Adult Protection Order

Someone who is considered an “at risk adult” may be a victim of abuse, neglect, or financial exploitation. This may be a senior, disabled person, or someone  who lacks the mental or physical ability to care for themselves.

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Gendelman Klimas Edwards is proud to help victims of domestic violence, as well as victims of other types of abuse, find their freedom. We know it can be a scary and uncertain road to navigate and we won’t let you travel it alone. Call Gendelman Klimas Edwards at (720) 213-0687 or contact our attorneys by using the button below.

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