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The attorneys at Gendelman Klimas Ltd. wake up every morning eager to serve their clients and their families. Whether it is divorce, estate planning or estate administration, our dedication is to the families that we serve. We dedicate our time to advancing the legal profession and keeping apprised of changes in the law that affect our clients and their families. 

Allow our attorneys to draft your Revocable Living Trusts, Wills, or Living Wills. Specializing in complex Trust Planning, Will Plans and Powers of Attorney, Guardianship, Conservatorship, Estate Planning, Premarital and Marital Agreements.

Our Probate and Trust attorneys will assist you in the administration or litigation regarding your loved one’s estate. From the initial probate filing to the final accounting and estate closing we will be there.

Probate attorneys are here to defend against contests or file into contested will or trust cases. Don’t let other family members push you around or cut you out of an estate. Estate attorneys standing by to represent you.

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I Found The Right One

Laurence and his team have been absolutely fantastic, they believe in what they do and that’s what makes them great. They go the extra mile staying steps ahead whenever the other party would file in the courts Laurence and his team would not only notify me right away they would already have a plan as to in what direction we would go in to respond. I feel like Laurence and his team went above and beyond there heart is in the right place its not just a bill they truly have done there best to represent me and most importantly my daughter. I highly recommend my lawyer.


I Am Grateful

I was given attorney Laurence Gendelman’s name as someone who was willing to take on my difficult case. We talked and I hired him. I always felt like he was in my corner and doing all he possibly could to bring me satisfactory results. He was always willing to explain things I did not understand and he made himself available to me when I needed to discuss something. This was very reassuring and helped reduce my anxiety a lot. I had never experienced the trauma of dealing with threats of defending myself to scurrilous false claims previously, so Mr. Gendelman’s knowledge and support were invaluable. I am grateful.

-Loretta W.

An Exceptional Attorney

Laurence is an exceptional attorney who I have known since law school. In school, he was a motivated student committed to learning the skills needed to become a great lawyer. As a practicing lawyer, he puts those skills to use for his clients. He is a talented advocate. When friends or family ask me for a referral to a lawyer for probate, trust, estate, or digital-asset issues, I send them to Laurence.

-Timothy G.

No Guess Work

I would recommend Laurence to anyone who finds themselves in a legal situation that falls within his area of practice.

– Kell

Highly Recommend

Fair priced, easy to work with, and did not make me feel that my many questions were a burden. Laurence and his team helped me obtain the result I was looking for!

– Tonya

Great Experience

Laurence helped us with the adoption of our Daughter and the whole process was comfortable and an overall great experience!

– Jeanai

A Huge Relief

We hired Laurence for our family case. He is amazing. It is so much easier to wade through the legal BS when you have an attorney who can break things down and get stuff done. Laurence worked his butt off and was always available when we needed him. He made a huge difference and we are incredibly happy with our choice to hire him.


A Great Job

Laurence prepared my power of attorney and living will documents. He did a great job accommodating my schedule, and explaining everything.


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