Licensed Legal Paraprofessional

What is a Licensed Legal Paraprofessional “LLP”?

The Colorado Supreme Court has approved the licensure of legal paraprofessionals, designed to make legal representation more widely available and more affordable to people in some family law cases.

Licensed Legal Professionals (LLPs) may file court documents, represent their clients in mediation, provide legal advice and attend hearings to answer a judge’s questions but will be unable to present oral arguments or question witnesses. 

How can a Gendelman Klimas Edwards LLP help me?

Our LLP’s are a cost effective and efficient solution for legal repersentation in simplified family law cases. If your case qualifies, an LLP may represent you at a hourly rate significanly lower than that of our attorneys. With an LLP, you will receive our high quality legal advice in your case without the need for an attorney. Our LLP’s have been personally trained by our attorneys and have the benefit of their guidance, counsel and experience.

If you are interested in discussing whether your case qualifes for this type of representation you may set a consultation by contacting us below.

LLP’s are capable of:

1. Establishing a contractual relationship with a client.
2. Conducting client interviews (Subsection ii).
3. Providing guidance to clients on the usage of Colorado’s standard court forms and pleadings (Subsection iii).
4. Completing the aforementioned standard forms (Subsection iv).
5. Explaining and submitting documents in support of the standard court forms (Subsection v).
6. Managing document filing and service (Subsection vi).
7. Reviewing and explaining pleadings from the opposing party or related to pension plans (Subsection vii).
8. Engaging in negotiations on behalf of a client, including mediation (Subsection viii).
9. Drafting and submitting settlement agreements (Subsection ix).
10. Facilitating communication with the opposing party or attorney regarding documents (Subsection x).
11. Maintaining communication with the client (Subsection xi).
12. Clarifying court orders for clients (Subsection xii).
13. Offering clients information about supplementary resources (Subsection xiv).
14. Advising clients to seek legal representation for more intricate emerging issues (Subsection xv).

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