Kyle Melchior

Kyle Melchior

Lead Paralegal

About Kyle

Kyle is the Lead Paralegal at Gendelman Klimas, Ltd., where he supports Hannah Leisman and Laurence Gendelman in their practice of family law and probate litigation. Kyle holds an Associate of Applied Science for Paralegal Studies from the Arapahoe Community College’s Paralegal Institution. Prior to joining Gendelman Klimas, Ltd., Kyle’s work was specialized in family law, criminal defense, and probate litigation.

Outside of the office, Kyle volunteers his time to the Rocky Mountain Paralegal Association, where he sits as an At-Large director with emphasis on education and training. In addition to RMPA, Kyle is assisting a Supreme Court advisory subcommittee work on a pilot program to explore licensing qualified paraprofessionals to engage in the practice of law. The subcommittee’s goal is to develop regulations for paralegals who want to be authorized for working on low-income domestic relations matters. Colorado is hopeful to implement this program in 2023 to help thousands of Coloradoans with their divorce cases.

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