Nick Klimas, Esq.

Nick Klimas, Esq.


About Nick

Nick is an Estate Planning Attorney in Denver. He specializes in probate, wills and trusts, irrevocable trust law and business law in Denver and Colorado in whole. Twice selected as a “Rising Star” by SuperLawyers™, he is quickly excelling in his career because of his focus on client service.

Retaining Nick is not a transaction, but truly a customized service as he aims to assist his clients in every facet of their lives, not just their immediate legal needs. Whether it is advising a family through the Denver probate process or formalizing a Revocable Trust for avoiding of probate, Nick exceeds what is expected of him to deliver top class service to his clients and their families in their time of need. 

In addition to his experience with multigenerational wealth and estate transfers, Nick provides expert legal advice for business owners looking to start or exit a business. Nick additionally excels at Business Succession Planning. Through this form of planning, a family business can be gifted to sons, daughters or others who will manage and carry on the business and family legacy. Creating such a long lasting legacy while putting in place planning to minimize taxes and administrative snares is Nick’s primary goal for his business law clients.

Outside of working at Gendelman Klimas, Nick lives on and runs a 20 acre ranch in Watkins, Colorado with his wife. There they raise a menagerie of animals including their beloved Australian Shepherds.

Licensed to practice law in Colorado. His attorney registration number is 48658.

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