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Powers of Attorney

Estate Planning

Estate planning is an expansive term and it sometimes requires different documents for different people depending on their age, assets, family structure and goals.  Estate planning can cover both probate and non-probate transfer planning as well as preparing documents for ones incapacity instead of ones death. We dont have a one-size approach to our clients and because of this it is difficult for our front deskstaff to tell you a price over the phone. This is why we offer a 30 minute free consultation to discuss everything in detail before coming to a flat fee price for a defined scope of work.

Trust or Will Planning

 At Gendelman Klimas, we offer Estate Planning or Trust planning solutions that meet your needs.. We are dedicated to providing high level services to all clients in various areas of estate planning including, but not limited to:

  • Creating an estate planning trust
  • Drafting a will
  • Communicating their final wishes through revocable Trust or Will
  • Creating powers of attorney
  • Funding a Revocable Trust
  • Estate Tax Planning with an Irrevocable Trust

Estate Planning attorneys Near me

You are unique, and your estate planning attorney should be too. There is no “one-size-fits-all” estate plan at Gendelman Klimas. Whether you are a young professional who is already planning for their future or are recently divorced and wish to make changes to a current estate plan, we work closely with you to curate a personalized plan that accomplishes your goals from anywhere within the four corners of Colorado.

There are several factors Gendelman Klimas Edwards considers when working with clients to decide what types of estate planning documents are most appropriate:

  • Could a Revocable or Irrevocable Trust better effectuate the client’s goals?
  • Could avoiding probate court simplify the administration of a client’s estate?
  • Does the client need to engage in tax planning based on the potential value of the estate?
  • Could the client’s estate become subject to probate courts in multiple states?
  • Could a gift as part of an estate plan cause a beneficiary to lose government benefits or decrease their eligibility for financial aid for higher education?
  • Does the client wish to protect their children’s inheritance from creditors and divorce?

 If you are interested in meeting with an Estate Planning attorney, don’t hesitate to Contact us at (720) 213-0687 or by using the button below.

Financial & Medical Power of Attorney

Financial and Medical Powers of Attorney are simple and useful Estate Planning documents that everyone over the age of 18 should have executed. Even as a “twenty-something” in good health without a mortgage or a family, Financial and Medical Powers of Attorney are necessary and important documents. Unfortunately, age does not always determine when or why a Power of Attorney will need to be used. Financial and Medical Powers of Attorney allow you to designate an agent to act on your behalf concerning making a financial or medical decision. The power of your agent to act can be initiated either immediately or at the time of your incapacity.

When Would You Need a Power of Attorney?

  • You are unconscious from a car accident and would like for your parent or spouse to be able to make medical decisions and manage your finances.
  • You live across the country from your parents, but they manage your finances.
  • You are military personnel deploying overseas and need someone to manage your finances.
  • You would like for someone you trust to be able to make medical decisions regarding your care if you are in a coma.
  • You are going into retirement.
  • You are facing a long-term health crisis, such as cancer, where the outcome is uncertain.

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Drafting a Financial and Medical Power of Attorney is a standard part of Estate Planning at Gendelman Klimas Edwards. Contact us at (720) 213-0687 or use the button below to speak with one of our Colorado Estate planning attorneys about a Financial and Medical Power of Attorney.

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