3 Free Apps To Help You Organize Your Estate Plan ( And Your Life)

Many to-do items can come to mind at any given time, and it’s important to note them quickly to avoid forgetting them. These apps will come in handy, for getting organized in preparation for meeting with your lawyer.

    • Google Sheets: This app is a great way to list all assets and it works just like Microsoft Excel.  You can organize your assets to your liking and access the spreadsheet from anywhere, including your smartphone. 


    • Google Keep: This app allows to create notes, to-do lists and save web pages to access quickly.


  • Google Calendar: Keep track of your appointments with your lawyer and deadlines in regards to your estate planning.  The calendar allows for you to set reminders too!

Not only are all these apps free, but they can all be used with one login – a Google/Gmail account.  Best of all, you can share access with your lawyer for their feedback, and for helping them help you.