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We do not offer DUI defense out of our Denver office.

Driving Under the Influence or Driving While Ability Impaired – Alcohol, Prescription Drugs, or Marijuana

Colorado recently made a fourth or subsequent DUI/DWAI a felony offense. There are many hurdles to charging this particular crime that the District Attorney doesn’t always clear. Our experienced Summit & Eagle County, including Breckenridge and Vail. DUI and DWAI lawyers will make sure that the charges brought against you are not an abuse of power.

Whether it is a first offense or a second, third, or fourth, we will make sure that the police did not violate your rights and that you are being treated fairly. Because there are so many facets of an alcohol-related driving offense, you’ll need a skilled criminal defense attorney in Summit or Eagle County to help you through the DMV administrative process and from arraignment to sentencing in the criminal process.

At Gendelman Klimas Edwards., we have helped individuals throughout the Fifth Judicial District take action when they are facing consequences of a drunk driving conviction. Our Summit and Eagle County DUI and DWAI defense lawyers are here for you. 

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You May Be Left With Many Questions:

  • Did a judge or magistrate ignore your constitutional rights?
  • Are you a biological parent of a child who has recently been ruled against in a dispute with a non-parent family member?
  • Has a judge or magistrate made an error with a child support calculation?
  • Are there new and relevant facts that have come to light since after your case?

DUI and DWAI Lawyer Handling Felony 
and Misdemeanor DUI and or DWAI Charges

In Colorado, a DUI or DWAI charge is taken seriously and forces a driver to go through two separate legal processes — the criminal process and a DMV license suspension hearing. This two-part procedure can lead to serious consequences, and it is wise to have an experienced attorney by your side. If accused, you must act within seven days of arrest to preserve your driving privileges by filing a license appeal with the DMV.

If you do not act immediately when you have been pulled over or charged with a DUI, you could face an automatic license suspension. This may occur even if you have not been found guilty of a DUI under criminal law. In criminal justice proceedings, if you do not create a strong argument for your defense, you could face steep fines, incarceration, and a permanent criminal record.


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