Sarah Mitchell, Esq.

Sarah Mitchell, Esq.

Senior Associate Attorney

About Sarah

Sarah is originally from Austin, Texas. She studied Art History at Rice University in Houston, then received her law degree from the University of Colorado Law School. She also received a Juvenile and Family Law Certificate from the University of Colorado Law School.  Following graduation from law school, Sarah worked as a fellow for Judge Diego Hunt of the First Judicial District, which gave her behind the scenes experience of how the Court operates.

Sarah’s practice before joining Gendelman Klimas, Ltd, included many types of pre- and post-decree matters which she saw from intake through permanent orders and everything in between. Sarah’s practice has offered her extensive experience in representing a broad range of clients on a wide variety of cases. Sarah is extremely passionate about family law; she believes that every person going through a difficult family law case deserves a strong advocate. Sarah is settlement minded, but a strong litigator should a case require it.

Sarah’s practice at Gendelman Klimas, Ltd., focuses on family law matters, where her skills gained from practicing family law since 2019 allow her to provide the type of representation that is the hallmark of the firm’s attorneys.  Her passion for family law keeps Sarah committed to being a strong advocate for her clients. 

In her free time, Sarah enjoys reading, spending time with friends and family, and taking in all the cultural variety that Colorado has to offer.

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