Social Media is a great way to keep distant friends and family in the loop about exciting life updates.  However, how much is too much? Nothing on the internet is “private”. Although the process is cumbersome, it is possible to pull information from a private profile.  This is not to deter you from sharing your life with others but, in the event that an unfavorable someone is taking notice of your posts; here are a few tips to keep your family safe:

Age Restrictions 

Most social platforms have an age requirement to create a profile.  It depends on the platform, so please do your research. If your child lied about their age to create an account, this could be dangerous as some profiles have birthdays public.

Photo Tagging

Do not tag your child in your photos on social media.  Tagging your children will allow quick access for others to add them – especially if you have a public profile.  Once your children are adults (18+), it’s up to your discretion. 


Do not mark your location in your photos or posts, especially if you are with your children.  A good practice, would be best to hold off from posting until you return from vacation or outing and post photos once you are home.

Stay Vigilant

Be sure to follow your child on all platforms and occasionally scan their followers.  Look for red flags such as someone much older that is not family or a family friend, no profile picture and profiles that state they are not in your local area or out of the country. 

It’s important to not only educate ourselves but our children about online safety too.