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Compassion & Patience

Dealing with the breakdown of a marriage or civil union requires compassion, expertise, professionalism, and patience. The process of having a marriage or civil union dissolved is emotionally taxing and can be time-consuming. Allow one of our experienced Family Law attorneys or paraprofessionals at Gendelman Klimas Edwards assist you to alleviate some of these burdens and partner with you to obtain a fair and just outcome in your case.

A Price Worth Paying

In some jurisdictions up to 75% of people choose to proceed with their family law case without representation because of the cost. While you may think that you cannot afford legal representation, the reality is that the cost of proceeding without legal representation is often much higher in the long run due to errors and agreeing to terms without legal advise sufficient to understand them. The legal implications that come along with property division, custody, spousal maintenance, and child support are significant and can be everlasting. You deserve to have someone on your side during this important process.

In Family Law, the stakes are high. Going through a divorce will touch your life in more ways that you can imagine. It will likely impact your family, your business, your financial well-being, your retirement, and your relationship with your children. This is not a process that you should face without the assistance of a trained, experienced Family Law attorney or profesional

Questions About the Divorce Process:

  • How do I complete my Sworn Financial Statement?
  • Is my spouse entitled to a portion of  property that I owned before our marriage?
  • Do I need a Qualified Domestic Relations Order to divide my retirement account?
  • What is the Automatic Temporary Injunction?
  • Was I in a common-law marriage?
  • Will I have to pay alimony or child support?

Levels Of Representation

At Gendelman Klimas Edwards we offer different levels of representation to fit your individual needs. Regardless of how much involvement you need from our divorce attorneys or professional, we are here to ensure you get the legal support you need.

“Ghost Writing”

“Ghost Writing” is the least involved level of representation. Essentially, we prepare pleadings and documents for you, which you then file with the court on your own. These documents can include a Sworn Financial Statement, a Separation Agreement, a Motion, etc. You are responsible for filing these documents and serving them on the appropriate parties.

The main benefit of “Ghost Writing” is that you can be assured that your documents look professional, are well drafted, incorporate legal authority, use appropriate language, and are not rejected by the Court. 

Full-Service Representation

Full-Service Representation is the classic attorney/client representation model. The attorney is responsible for all stages of the process, including drafting documents, scheduling and conducting hearings, initiating discovery, monitoring and meeting deadlines, communicating with the other party or their attorney, attending mediation, and, if necessary, conducting a full evidentiary hearing (a Permanent Orders Hearing).

From the time you hire Gendelman Klimas Edwards, until the conclusion of our representation, everything comes through to our desk. Your Denver divorce attorney will be able to answer your questions and resolve your case.

Limited Scope Representation

Our attorneys provide “limited scope” representation to clients in specific situations. In advance, we will discuss the exact services to be provided and put them in writing. Limited scope representation is sometimes preferred by clients because it is a less expensive alternative. Essentially, you are dictating when and how the attorney will be involved in your case, as opposed to their constant and regular involvement present in Full-Service Representation.

Licensed Legal Paraprofessional

Our LLP’s are a cost effective and efficient solution for legal repersentation in simplified family law cases. If your case qualifies, an LLP may represent you at a hourly rate significanly lower than that of our attorneys. With an LLP, you will receive our high quality legal advice in your case without the need for an attorney. Our LLP’s have been personally trained by our attorneys and have the benefit of their guidance, counsel and experience.

If you are interested in discussing whether your case qualifes for this type of representation you may set a consultation by contacting us below.

How Does Limited Scope Representation Work?

 Here is an example of how a Limited Scope Representation could work in a case: You file a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage with the court clerk’s office. They schedule an Initial Status Conference with a Family Court Facilitator. You then go to the Initial Status Conference and leave with a list of dates and paperwork, including when you will have a Temporary Orders Hearing. At this point, maybe you are not comfortable going to the Temporary Orders Hearing alone, because you know that the Court will make a decision regarding your parenting time and child support until your case is completed. This may make you feel nervous, so you hire Gendelman Klimas Edwards before that hearing to help you prepare for your Temporary Orders Hearing. You now feel more relaxed knowing your attorney or legal paraprofessional will be at the hearing to tell your story and advocate on your behalf. After that hearing, Gendelman Klimas Edwards informs the court that the limited scope representation was completed and  the attorney/client relationship terminates. Later on in the process, if you decide that you would like Gendelman Klimas Edwards’ services again, you can contact us and we may be able to assist as well.

Limited Scope Representation is not the same as “last-minute assistance.” For Gendelman Klimas Edwards to assist on your case in a Limited Scope Representation model, we require as much advance notice as possible if a hearing may be involved.

Child Custody / Allocation of Parental Responsibilities

Allocation of Parental Responsibilities

When the topic of divorce comes up in a marriage, often the first concern is how to handle child custody and the allocation of parental responsibilities. Divorce can be difficult for children, and at Gendelman Klimas Edwards, we always consider what is in the best interest of the children first and foremost. During this process, we will work with you to determine if parents will share joint decision-making for the children or if one parent will have sole decision-making regarding the significant aspects of the children’s lives, such as healthcare and education. We will also create a plan for parenting time and visitation to determine where the children will reside as well as where they will stay during summers and holidays.

The team at Gendelman Klimas Edwards has many years of experience handling child custody cases. We take pride in our ability to create a long-term plan that works for all parties involved once we talk with you to understand your family history and the needs of the children. We are happy to guide you through this emotional process to reach a resolution.

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 At Gendelman Klimas Edwards, you can expect fair, thorough, and devoted representation. Our attorneys and legal professional are knowledgeable and experienced in the complexity of Family Law cases, from a legal, financial, and emotional standpoint. Be sure that your rights are protected, and that you achieve the results you deserve. Call Gendelman Klimas Edwards at 720-213-0687 or contact our law firm for Denver, Summit County or Eagle County based divorce attorneys and professionals by using the button below.

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