Estate Planning For All Your Digital Needs

Where are your photos? Chances are that a large number of these treasured memories are stored in your smartphone or on iCloud.

Where are your financial and personal records? Are they stored digitally on your computer, in a hard drive, in an online account, or in cloud storage?

Where is your music? Is it stored on your computer, in iTunes, in cloud storage, or in some other digital form?

The reality is that your assets probably do not take the same form now as they did 20 years ago. This has a legal and practical impact on your Estate Planning, which many attorneys fail to understand and appreciate.

The laws on what happens to your digital assets after death or while you are incapacitated can be very vague and difficult to understand.  In some cases there are ways to list a “legacy contact” or a beneficiary for digital assets yourself directly on the platform. Only a few platforms offer this type of service. A lawyer who specializes in this field can help you find an answer to protect these digital assets so your family can have access if something were to happen. It’s important to think about how much of your life and even business is in the palm of your hands.  It’s crucial to think about where the access will go when you’re gone.