How Long Will A Divorce Take?

Sorry to give the typical lawyer answer… it depends! There is not easy answer to how long your divorce will take. Variable that can affect the length of your divorce can include the complexity and size of the marital estate, the congestion of the Court’s docket, local practices, witnesses, the need for business valuations and expert witnesses, and the complexity of any children’s issues.

In Colorado the average divorce – the entire process could take anywhere from no less than 91 days, to several years in some circumstances. In most cases, the time that the case is filed until a decree is entered is about 6 months if the parties come to an agreement and 9 months if the parties must let a court decide the outcome of their case.

There is no exact answer to how long your divorce will take, but here are some tips to help you be prepared and hopefully accelerate the process:

Research – Do a quick search online for what is required for a divorce.  You can find a lot of resources such as, checklists, tips and much more that may be helpful to know ahead of time.  However, the internet does not replace your attorney!

Plan ahead –  Collecting some documents and appearing in Court may require you to take days off work.  Try to get those dates as quickly as possible to avoid unnecessary delays. Probably not the vacation you were hoping for but, taking a full business day off to handle errands in person will help get everything in order.

Make a list of assets, debts, and monthly expenses – Bring a list of assets to your consultation or initial meeting with your attorney. This will let your attorney use your time more efficiently and lead to cost savings.

Set deadlines – Set deadlines for yourself and it will help hold you accountable for your to-do list.

Most importantly, be patient.  It’s not an easy or fun process so first and foremost, take care of yourself through the process.