Preparing For Court Appearance As A Client

It’s Court Day!  Preparing for your day in court is both exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time.  The best advice anyone can give is to be prepared and stay positive.

Prepare.  Prepare everything you will need the night before, have it ready to go.  Try not to leave anything for the morning of your court day. Make sure you’ve prepared your commute as well, look up how parking works and pack snacks! Go through all of the filings in your case as well as notes you have from conversations with your attorney.

Rest.  This should be common sense but, it must be said.  The day before the court is not the night to stay up late and not get enough sleep.  Eat a nice balanced meal and get to bed early.

Make time for yourself.  Wake up a little extra early and do something for yourself.  It can be taking a little extra time in the shower, catching up on your favorite book or getting some exercise in.  This is just to get yourself in a positive mindset.

Look the part.  Looking and feeling put together will help minimize distractions and help with confidence.

Confidence. If you want a court to find you credible and empathize with your case and case theory, you must come off as both credible and confident. If you doubt yourself, the judge will probably doubt you too.