Signs You’re In An Abusive Relationship

Relationships taking such a dark abusive path can be difficult to overcome. Often, people don’t recognize that they are in an unhealthy relationship until significant emotional damage has been done. It’s important to see the signs and get out before more damage can be done. When someone is in an abusive relationship, whether mental or physical (or both), it’s hard to see the signs. Here a few signs that you may be in an abusive relationship:

    • Your partner is constantly jealous of your other relationships
    • Your partner Isolates you (pushes you away from friends and family)
    • Your partner is physical or emotional cruel towards you, animals, or children
    • Your partner is verbally abusing (talking to you in a degrading or demeaning manner)
      • Your partner has sudden mood swings


    • Your partner sets unrealistic expectations on you

These are just a few of many signs that you may be in an abusive relationship. Unfortunately, abuse is not one size fits all.  If you’re starting to sense that it is time to part ways, make sure you are ready and prepared emotionally, mentally, and monetarily. There are many resources to help you through this life transition, including agencies that will provide child care, economic assistance, job placement assistance, and free representation to seek a protection order to those seeking to flee domestic violence.

If you are seeking assistance regarding an unhealthy relationship, consider visiting The Rose Andom Center to access over 20 agencies, all under one roof, that can help.