What To Expect During A Free Consultation With A Lawyer

A free consultation is a great resource to use to your advantage.  It’s a great way to meet several lawyers without taking a hit on your wallet.  All lawyers are different in how they handle their free consultations. Some may want to meet in person and others may just do it over the phone.  Remember that attorney are billing hundreds of dollars per hour for their time. Don’t be surprised if the conversation is brief so, it’s important to be prepared.

Here’s a few tips to get the most out of your free consultation:

    • Do your research.  Research all your needs and narrow down your list of lawyers that practice in the area you’re looking for.  A great video on How to Select an Attorney for Your Case is on YouTube!




    • Be prepared. Have a list of questions and talking points ready prior to your meeting.




    • Get to know them.  Briefly ask about their background and previous successful and non-successful case outcomes.  For the non-successful cases ask them what they’ve learned from it. Every good attorney has had failures- don’t let their failures scare you away.




  • Communication. Find out what their preferred method of communication is.  If it’s not your ideal way to communicate see if you can come to an agreement.  Communication is very important so you need to be able to discuss your case in a matter where you can both best communicate.